Source code for hfai.utils.time

import signal
from functools import wraps

class TimeoutError(Exception):

    def __init__(self, f, sec) -> None:
        msg = f"{f.__name__} is timeout for {sec} seconds"
        self.f = f
        self.sec = sec

[docs]def timeout(seconds=0): """ 给函数设置超时限制 Args: seconds (int): 超时的秒数 Examples: .. code-block:: python import time, hfai from hfai.utils import TimeoutError @hfai.utils.timeout(10) def print_hello(): while True: print("hello") time.sleep(1) try: print_hello() except TimeoutError as e: print(e) """ assert isinstance(seconds, int) and seconds >= 0 def timeout_decorator(f): def timeout_handler(*unsed): raise TimeoutError(f, seconds) @wraps(f) def new_f(*args, **kwargs): if seconds == 0: return f(*args, **kwargs) # set the timeout handler signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, timeout_handler) signal.alarm(seconds) try: result = f(*args, **kwargs) finally: signal.alarm(0) return result return new_f return timeout_decorator